Michelle Badovinac Ross
Family names: Ben (Donna Longo) Corsentino, Bob (Rosemary Herring) Badovinac, Mike (Lisa Joann Taibi) Badovinac, David Corsentino, Bill (Carol) Ross, Mike (Diane) Ross, Richard (Becky Ross)
The Badovinac side!

The Ross side!
My sister-in-law, Rose Mary has been doing a terrific job researching our family tree.  The surnames we have listed are:

Badovinac,  Longo, Scarcelli, Kerber, Auxier, Occhiato, Giordano, Branca, May, Bicacha,  Corsentino and Bacino.

We don't have very much info on my Husband's family.

His dad's name was Raymond Eugene Ross.  He was
    born April 9, 1932, and he died Sept. 1981.

His mom's name is Erika Marie Schley and she was
    born is Lisch Hessen, Germany and now lives
    in Michigan.

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Members of my family...
Bob Ross
Michelle Ross
Donna Ashley Ross
Bobby Ross
New info on the Ross Side!
          Bob's Grandmother's Maiden name was Elise Mae Rohrman.
          Elise's father was George Rohrman.  Bob's grandfather's name
          was Lester Ross.                                        
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Schley Info:
          Erika's father's name was Otto Schley.  He died when Erika  
          was 1 year old.  Erika's mother's name was Anna Minna Elisa
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Kayla Otto and Courtney Otto are the daughters of Bill and Debby (Kerber) Otto,
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